SSL FX384 compressor

SSL FX384 compressor

Today is an exciting day. Because I have managed to get my hands on this original SSL G series bus compressor. They don’t make them the same way anymore and these are extremely sought after. In fact I’ve had my eye out for one for about three years and I have not seen one for sale in that time. Until now.

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02/12/2011 · 21:18

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  1. Don’t quote me on this, but I’ve heard that the new SSL outboard gear is all surface mount components, and doesn’t sound as good. Not that the original SSL stuff was chock full o’ classy components either, but surface mount stuff can be a sonic compromise for $$ sake. I’ve not tried the new SSL stuff, so I’m basically talking sh*t here – just repeating what I heard. That’s kind of dangerous and irresponsible, isn’t it. Anyone have a more factual opinion?

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