Tracking guitars with Lecarla

Tracking guitars with Lecarla

Soldano Hot Rod 50+ and 1967 Fender Super Reverb.


02/12/2011 · 21:15

2 responses to “Tracking guitars with Lecarla

  1. Hello, if it is not a secret, I was wondering what are the cylindrical elements you use, both in your control room and in the recording area. Is this a device you have developed? I imagine they are there to tighten the sound and control room ambience. They look clever, modular, and fairly transportable. I also imagine the circular shape of the surface makes for less slap-back than with a panel and thus avoids boxiness in the sound….

    • Hi Patrick. They’re ASC studio traps. As you suggested they’re there to control ambience. They absorb low frequencies, and have a ‘dead’ side which absorbs highs, as well as a reflective side which allows you to create diffuse early reflections. I tend to use them dry side in around guitar amps, vocals etc and reflective side in around drums. In the control room they are dry side in. They allow you to drastically control the existing room ambience. They’re very useful but they’re not cheap and they’re a little fragile. Jack

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