What’s going on?

Our daughter Lila was born on 30 May, so I’ve been having a bit of time off getting her settled in. There have been some sleepless nights, but all in all it’s not bad and I’m back to work:

I’ve been mixing some stuff for super-talented writer and producer Chris Allen. It’s really a pleasure because the files come in sounding brilliant, and meticulously organised and presented. The arrangements are powerful, and largely dictate the mix, which means that you don’t have to fight to achieve impact or points of interest. Those things are present in the production. 

I’ve also been mixing a project for Sun Industries (Nick Smith and Dom Keen) which is soon to be released on Ignition. The tracks are sort of electro/indie/rock and again, the performances and production are awesome. I’m looking forward to posting links to those tracks as soon as the label is ready for us to do that. 

Nick and I are ramping up pre-production for one of our favourite bands, Tenyson, and very much looking forward to getting back into the studio with them within the next few weeks. More on that project to follow…



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