Satisfactory Men

BeautifulCountryImageBeautiful Country’s ‘Satisfactory Man’ has been chosen as the lead track on Tom Robinson’s Fresh Faves this week. It’s a well-deserved affirmation for the boys and great to see that Tom loves the band as much as we do. Give it a quick listen here  and head over to the guy’s Facebook page to check them out and hear more tracks.


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2 responses to “Satisfactory Men

  1. This is truly outstanding work. A mix clear, sober and powerful that lets the band express their potential fully.
    I was a fan of “English Rose”, but this EP is setting new standards.
    Will be looking out for your recordings, mixes and production.
    PS. Also, congratulations on the console on the photograph, those bow-faders look gorgeous!

    • Wow, thanks Patrick. I’m so glad you like it and I really do appreciate the comments. They are a great band and were awesome to work with.

      The console in the picture is at http://www.stateofthearkstudios com. It’s the TG that was in Pathe Paris. The Stones made three records on it, and you can see where they scratched their names into the armrest!

      (The beautiful country tracks were done at Paul Wellers’ studio, Black Barn, and mixed at my place)

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