I’m loving it at the moment

I know a lot of people who hate their jobs. Some of them earn a lot of money, but fundamentally they’re holding on for the day they can pack it in and play golf until they croak. Personally the thing that scares me most about eventually growing old is that I might have to stop doing what I do. It’s not easy – The hours are long, the work is difficult, the goalposts are a blur and the money is usually average to awful. But I feel so lucky that what I do is also…who I am. I never feel that I’d rather be elsewhere. This past couple of weeks I’ve been tracking for James Morrison with the awesome Tim Bran and Roy Kerr, working with Glenn Aitken on his new record, putting dates in the diary for more Walking On Cars, who I love, and working on promoting my own single, Killafornia. Yes, this job is unforgiving and sometimes unrewarding, but on balance I feel incredibly lucky to be doing it.

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