Reuben – In Nothing We Trust #2!


Reuben’s In Nothing We Trust, which I was fortunate enough to engineer, is number 2 in Kerrang’s 50 Albums You Need To Hear Before You Die. It was an amazing experience to work on this record with the band and producer Sean Genockey. There are things about that record I will never forget…

Jamie knew every part of every track in encyclopedic detail. When we came to start guitars he’d say ‘Right there are nine parts. Here’s part 1…’ Every riff, every drum fill, every harmony existed in his head before we started, and he picked up the tiniest deviation from this picture. It really was a clear vision for him and made it easier and faster than doing a record where the artist has a lot of general ideas but blanks in the detail.

Jamie filmed a load of stuff on his little camera every day, and after leaving the studio at midnight or 1am, would then edit, and often overdub music etc onto the daily video diary. These were generally ready and online by the next morning.

There were some amazing guest vocalists on that record including a now far more widely known Frank Turner.

Jamie had, and has extraordinary vocal control, and can switch from rich, melodic tones to full on screaming, and back again.

Although the ad says that Mum has gone to Iceland, in reality it was Jamie, Jon and Guy. In Nothing We Trust was fuelled by Iceland pizzas.

For those interested in technical stuff… The main tracking was done at Livingston 1 on the SSL that was there at that time. Guitar and vocal overdubs were at my place in Wimbledon and Sean’s Blackdog Studios. The vocal mic was a Brauner VM1, which we used for everything however loud or soft. It was amazingly versatile. We mixed the record on my Audient console, with a lot of Sean’s (sometimes unusual) outboard.

Amazing experience, for which I’m truly grateful to Sean and the band.

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