Just had a fantastic couple of days tracking with Foxes. How such a big voice comes out of such a little person I will never know. Her band were also fantastic – absolute professionals. It was a real privilege to be in a studio with them. Of course, there was also the usual production masterclass from Tim Bran and Roy Kerr. Great recorded tracks are born in different ways. Some kick and scream, and some just pop out with no fuss. This was one of those times where you’ve got a great artist, paired with top producers, all of whom share a vision of what the track should be, and have the ability to deliver that result. There follows a very relaxed chat with the musicians, who then with no fuss or apparent drama just pop next door and play exactly what they were asked to, while also coming up with some tasty little extras as a bonus. I just hope they all felt that the engineer was similarly able to deliver the goods. I think this track is going to be huge and I look forward to posting a link when it comes out.

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