Nominated for an MPG Award!

I’m extremely proud and thankful to have been nominated for a Music Producer’s Guild Award in the Breakthrough Engineer Of The Year category. There are two wonderful engineers, Manon Grandjean and Andrew Hunt also nominated, and I’m not expecting to win in February. But at the end of the day nomination is enough – it represents my peers checking out my work and saying to themselves ‘actually that’s pretty decent’ – and that means a lot to me. And besides, if you’re nominated for ‘Breakthrough Engineer’ of anything, then win or lose, you have by definition ‘broken through’ which in our industry is certainly a milestone. If they’d just have a ‘Slowest Breakthrough Ever’ category, I’d be taking that home for sure. Anyway. It’s a happy day and I really appreciate this nomination, and the people who also worked so hard on the projects that secured it.


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