Dieselle May – Sweeter

Dieselle May has released her new single ‘Sweeter’. It’s a real privilege to work with her. She’s one of those artists with a really clear vision of what she wants a track to be, which is great from a producer’s point of view. I played some guitars on this too, which is always fun.

Dieselle made this video herself, with no prior experience, using an online app. It was a painstaking process, but it’s hard to release a single without a video these days, and Dieselle is one of those people who will find a way.

Her ability to promote her material to radio is testament to this perseverance: Over the course of the three tracks she’s released, she has amassed well over a thousand radio plays. She doesn’t do this with radio pluggers, publishers, a label or a big-budget marketing campaign. She does it purely with determination, communication and a solid product. I am in awe of her.

The track has been getting some great feedback, and has been described on air as ‘Stonkingly-good’ and ‘my favourite track of the week’, and currently sits at No.3 in the Radio Indie Alliance chart.

Check it out below:

Available on Apple Music here

Stream it on Spotify here

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