Oktoba – SNOW…OUT NOW!

For the past few months, my partner in crime, Ben Townsend and I have been working with this awesome artist, Chris Athorne AKA Oktoba. He’s been really gaining traction recently, amassing hudreds of thousands of plays and monthly listeners with his single, Chance. And now we have a new single, Snow. Check it out here or at any of the usual places. We have a great team, and a pile of new material to come. There’s more exciting things to come for Oktoba in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned….



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2 responses to “Oktoba – SNOW…OUT NOW!

  1. Mar Moore

    Accidentally left thus on another song but, in SNOW, I am picking up that the guitar rhythm is a slowed down version of The Allman Brothers Midnight Rider. Any connection?

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