Sean Genockey

Everyone in this business has someone who helped them when they were starting out, shared their secrets, gave them a chance. For me that person is Sean. He is genuinely one of the greatest musicians and producers working today.

Ed Woods

Ed is a really super-talented mastering engineer. His credits speak for themselves. There’s a reason why big name producers like Dave Eringa keep coming back to Ed.

Eddie Bazil

Eddie Bazil is a ninja producer, remixer and sound designer. His samples are the best there are. I’m proud to use them when occasion calls. Feel the pride for yourself and check out his amazing sample packs. If you’re starting out Ed also has superb tutorials available. In fact I’d be surprised if there’s anyone at any level who couldn’t learn something from him.

Steve Smith

Steve is one of the finest Hammond organ and keyboard players in Britain, if not the world. He runs his own studio, linked above and is an accomplished producer and writer. He has an uncanny ability to listen to a track once and then just play it, and his experience as a producer and writer make him an even better choice as a player. If you need keys, call him.

Grant Strang

Grant Strang is an engineer and producer working from Perry Vale Studios in South East London. He’s an excellent keyboard player with an encyclopedic knowledge of old synthesisers. He has a fantastic setup there, and can provide a range of services and spaces depending on requirements.

James Cumpsty – Photography

James is a fantastic photographer, specialising in musicians. Click to check out his site.

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