Production and Recording

If you’re an artist interested in making a record, please do get in touch. I listen to everything people send me, and will happily sit down anytime I’m free to talk about your project. I’ll always give you the best advice I can, whether that works in my favour or not.

If you need an engineer for some tracking days, I am sometimes available and again, always happy to have a chat about what you need, and how I might be able to help. Maybe you’re making your own record, but you’re finding that you can’t get the sounds you want on certain sources. Perhaps you need someone to help you track the drums. Please get in touch.



I am available for hire as a freelance mix engineer. If you need a track, an EP or a record mixed, lets talk about it. Most of my work is mixing rock music, but I also mix tracks in a variety of other genres and for TV/Film music producers as well as bands. A lot of this sort of work can be done purely online, so distance is no barrier. Email me, and we can talk about your requirements and costs etc.




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