What If It Was Easy?

I am Jack Ruston

I am a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, a graduate of the NTA and a member of The Federation Of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners. I help people to make the connections between their food and any symptoms they may be experiencing – anything from fatigue, irritability, hunger and cravings, to IBS, heartburn, autoimmunity or an inability to lose fat. I guide my clients through strategies to optimise their eating and lifestyle, sidestepping these issues that so many of us normalise – that we just accept as ‘the way we are’, or as an inevitable part of ageing. 

What’s My Story?

I live by the principles I share with my clients, and in doing so have been able to dramatically change my own health:

Throughout my adult life I have suffered with some significant digestive issues, seemingly endless food intolerances and a sense that my gut was out to get me. These problems became increasingly severe as I moved through my 30’s and into my 40’s. Eventually it got to a point where it severely affected my quality of life. I would sometimes wake up in the night, vomiting, or be unable to leave the house in the morning due to IBS symptoms. I wasn’t easy to live with – it wasn’t just me that was suffering.

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