Jack Ruston is a producer, recording engineer and mixer. His career began in L.A. playing guitar in Robert Vaughn’s award-winning band Dead River Angels. That experience provided the opportunity to record in some of the world’s finest studios, and preferring that to the life of a touring musician, he became obsessed with recording bands rather than playing in them. This background allows him to approach production and engineering from a musicians perspective. He brings his skills as a player to many of his projects.

Jack’s clients include Judas Priest, Reuben, Walking On Cars, Void, McBusted, James Morrison, Dieselle May, Foxes and Birdy. He was a 2017 Music Producers Guild, Breakthrough Engineer Of The Year nominee.

He also writes and produces original music as part of Man Kill Machine.

5 responses to “About

  1. paullisak@gmail.com

    jack…you rock!

  2. Wayne Barnett

    Hello Jack. You might be keen to know that a re-release of the Robert Vaughn and the Shadows album “Love And War” on CD is in the works. It’s remixed from the original masters and there is an IndieGogo campaign to get it out there in a double CD. (remaster on one CD and rarities, alt mixes and lots more on the other).

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